After recording SBS, GD & YB went to eat at a BBQ meat place. We were the first ones there and there weren’t any fans around yet. We got a table further away and ordered the same food as them. 

When I saw them grilling the meat, I sprinted out and headed back to my hotel to grab the present I prepared for Jiyong. When I got back to the restaurant, there were already 10 fans waiting outside. Jiyong & YB had a lot of cute moments but I won’t say what since people will say I’m sasaeng again…As we were eating, I tied the ‘comme des fuckdown’ handkerchief to the present…cute right? kk

After waiting about 10mins, I saw Jiyong and YB getting their jackets so I went up and gave the skateboard to Jiyong. He had a shocked expression and then smiled to say “Where are you from?” I replied, “China…can I have your autograph?” He was in a very good mood so he said “Of course!” 

Ah…this was the moment YB conveniently grabbed the board from Jiyong and placed it on the ground then tried to ride on it…but was unsuccessful because the handkerchief was still there ^^;;

Jiyong asked me what my name was and signed for me! I had a feeling they were going to leave so I tested the waters and asked if he remembered that I gave him a skateboard at Gimpo too, the father of Maggie (Homer). He stopped to think for a few seconds and said “Yeah, I remember!”. I was SO HAPPY! After that, I said good night to him and saw him walk off to the mass of fans. 

P.S. She also got YB’s autograph for her friend!

Source: EnoxxxG@weibo

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