The night prior to their historic three-day concert in Hong Kong, Big Bang met with the media in a press conference sponsored by Samsung. Apart from sharing their expectations on the GALAXY Tour as well as their upcoming plans, Big Bang answered questions raised by media. Big Bang expressed that they are very excited to meet their fans in Hong Kong, and they are very delighted to receive the sponsorship from Samsung.

During the press conference, Big Bang members also signed their autographs onto the limited edition GALAXY S III and GALAXY Note II phone case and presented them to the Samsung management team.

Below is the full transcript of the press conference:

Seungri: Da Jiao Hao (In Chinese, meaning “Hello everybody.”)

Q) What is the feeling of coming to Hong Kong for the first time?
Taeyang: This is the first time we have come to Hong Kong for a concert. We are really excited. We have been to many places for the first time and Hong Kong is no exception. We know there are a lot of fans who are eagerly waiting for the concert. We are happy about it too because we know people are all excited for it. We hope that you will enjoy the three shows.

Q)You have gone to different countries for the tour, which country’s fans have left you a deep impression?
G-Dragon: No matter where we go, there is still the first time. Therefore, if I have to say the country that left the deepest impression, it is quite difficult for us. Just like this time that we went to Hong Kong, it is just the first time. We are anticipating so much to see how the fans will react and to see how enthusiastic they are.

Q) Can you share some gifts that are given by fans and you think is very interesting that you want to share it with us?
Daesung: We cannot choose something like this because it is such a great encouragement to us when the fans come to see our concert.

Q) What will you do this Christmas?
Seungri: This coming Christmas we will each have our own activities. The best thing about Hong Kong is there are really beautiful Christmas lights. And last time when I went to Hong Kong to shoot for a TV program shooting, I also saw the beautiful lights in Victoria Harbour. I think the night view of Hong Kong is really awesome. If I can go to Hong Kong during Christmas and see all the lights, it will just be fantastic.

Q) What are your wishes for 2013?
Taeyang: We don’t have any particular wish, We just want to show you our musical flavor and uniqueness as usual.

Q) And I know that this month is the birthday month of Seungri. How will you celebrate it?
Seungri: I am going to have my birthday soon and since my staff and members have been celebrating it with me, I am really happy. And when I have my birthday, I will still be having some of my performances. On the day of my birthday, I might possibly spend that on an airplane. However, when I know there are so many fans who love us, we will still be thankful and repay you with good performance on stage.

Q)There are some Qs asked by the media. The first one, there are a lot of people who like Korean stuff in Hong Kong these days. As a Korean, what will you recommend to Hong Kong natives?
Taeyang: We have traveled to different countries in this tour and we have discovered that the fans of different countries love Korean cuisine. If you are interested in Korean culture, you can try out Korean cuisine first. We use a variety of methods to make Korean cuisine so if you want to know Korean culture, it is good that if you start from Korean cuisine.

Then, Seungri, with respect to their sponsors, also promoted the Samsung gadgets as another thing about Korea to be recommended, such as the Note 2.

Q: What are your feelings of getting so many awards at the MAMA?
GD: We were excited because of this since it has been a long time since the 5 of us got the award together. It is special to us. I hope that in the future, we will display you to our new faces. Our experience in MAMA is really precious to us.

Q: After this concert, when will you comeback to Hong Kong?
Taeyang: There are no solid plans about it at the moment. If we receive good reviews this time from the fans, we might come again for concerts or it does not have to necessarily be concerts, we can come to join different events, too.

Q: It is a funny question for GD. You have dyed your hair many times, so we want to know how you take care of your hair and what kind of hair treatment that you undergo to prevent hair loss?
GD: I have no big secrets of taking care of my hair. I have been dying my hair many times to show you. I am not worried that I will lose my hair now but in the future, I might worry about this problem.

Q: The solo activities of GD have been going well, so what are you plans of the solo activities in the coming year?
GD: In the coming year, every member has the chance to produce their solo album and we have already started working on them by writing the melodies and the lyrics. We will keep this going. Every one of us will. The albums may be able to be released in the coming year.

Q: What feelings do you want the fans to have when they go to your concerts?
GD: Before our performance in MAMA, fans should have watched our performances on the internet but this time since we are really going to hold concerts and have a longer performances and communication with the fans, I hope the fans can have a feeling of not being regretful to buy our concert tickets and hope that we will not let you down either. We feel supported by the fans as well when they come to see our concerts.

Source: KPopStarz


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