Korean boyband bring K-pop to huge London gig

Gangnam Style may have captured the world’s attention (love it or loathe it) but there’s more to k-pop than just Psy’s horse dance, and BIGBANG proved this at the weekend when they played two consecutive nights at Wembley Arena.

Part of their Alive Galaxy World Tour, Korean boy group BIGBANG treated fans to a two and a half hour all-frills show – with plenty of costume changes, pyrotechnics, confetti and backflips. The tour is being directed by Laurianne Gibson, whose previous client was Lady Gaga and her Monster Ball tour, so it’s no surprise that BIGBANG’s show is a world-class spectacle, and fortunately for us, not entirely in Korean.

The tour is promoting BIGBANG’s latest mini-album, Alive, but the group’s members also performed songs from their solo projects, including G-Dragon’s CRAYON.

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