“Why so serious?” Good question—luckily, not one that needs be asked of G-Dragon, whose “Crayon” was one of the year’s goofiest, least-predictable and most stupidly thrilling pop songs. We’re guessing that knowing what the lyrics meant wouldn’t help make it much more intelligible—hoping, really. —A.U.


Few K-pop singles are involving enough that you barely even have time to notice that they’re in another language, but Big Bang’s hip-hop ballad does the trick, with sweeping production, swag to spare, an enjoyably understated video, and two English lyrics on the chorus that carry the song’s emotional content on their lonesome: “I’m sorry I’m a bad boy / You a good girl.” —A.U.

[Note: Other K-Pop Artists who made into the list are Lee Hi’s “1234” (#89), & “Psy’s Gangnam Style” (#11)]

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Source: Popdust
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