bb_trendland“2012 is the year that K-Pop went viral internationally, thanks to Psy’s record breaking viral video to his song, “Gangnam Style.” Whether you are a K-Pop fan or not, the dance heavy, feel good music from Korea tore it up internationally thanks in part to the sensational videos put out from chart toppers such as G Dragon, his boy band Bigbang, and 2ne1.”

“With outrageous clothing and hairstyles, intense CGI effects and delicious hooks, the genre seems to push itself to new heights on a regular basis. We praise K-Pop’s efforts to challenge creativity on a molecular level with its blissed-out flamboyance. What I am certain of: these guys look like they are having tons of fun, and what can be better than that? For a further taste, check out some of the finest K-Pop videos of the moment.”

source: BBU

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