About TaeyangKoreanDream

What is TaeyangKoreanDream?

TaeyangKoreanDream is a fansite dedicated to Dong YoungBae aka Taeyang where I share all the news about him in order to show my love, respect and support. It’s  my personal space where I can spazz about my most precious treasure, the person who gave me strength again when I needed it the most.

Why founded TyKD?

I created this blog for all the SOLmates and VIPs to share the news about Taeyang/Big Bang and to talk with them about our favourite subject Dong YoungBae. I also wanted to reach that more people get to know Youngbae and his wonderful music which, to me, is a gift that I appreciate a lot. This person really helped me a lot in life and I do as much as I can to show him my affection and love.

Why “TaeyangKoreanDream”?

When I got to know Taeyang, I was so amazed of his voice, his dance and his personality that I felt like the dream of a perfect boy became true. I never thought that such a talented person with such a wonderful character would exist. Because he is from Korea the name “KoreanDream” came up.

What can I find on TaeyangKoreanDream?

Mostly you will find all the news around Taeyang and a lot of information about him. Further you will read some comments I write under each post which show my crazy fangirl-heart. You can also participate in fanprojects I do to show the support of all of us.

Who created TaeyangKoreanDream?

My name is Elena and I’m actually from Greece but I was born and live in Germany. I’m a hardcore, hardcore, hardcore SOLmate and VIP and I’m glad to meet more people who love Taeyang and Big Bang, too and who like to spazz with me 🙂
I hope that you feel comfortable on this site and feel free to spazz around as much as you want. To me, no one is strange or crazy but only a loyal SOLmate/VIP who shows his passion for Dong Youngbae. To the people who just discovered  Taeyang and his amazing music I would like to say: Welcome to Sunshineworld!
TAEYANG always VIP*.*

21 thoughts on “About TaeyangKoreanDream”

  1. Every night I prayed for him for get someone who love him very much… Anyways, I love him and his members Big Bang. You all was very cool and always cool…

  2. maybelle said:

    “When I got to know Taeyang, I was so amazed of his voice, his dance and his personality that I felt like the dream of a perfect boy became true.” – that’s so true to me coz i feel exactly the same 😀

  3. i love ur blog ❤

    we will wait for BB cameback!!

    please update us about Yb ang BB tnx elena

    • OMO my dear thank you sooo much for your encouraging compliments<3 I will never stop updating you all:) than u for appreciating my work:)


  4. Wow !! You from german and love BIGBANG too?

    I think BIGBANG is so popular , actually i’m VIP too but i’m not SOLmate , I’m Jokers.. ^^

  5. Would we be able to get a link to our kpop news site from your page please? Could you drop me an email?

  6. wow~ i’m surprised bigbang’s so popular in germany 🙂 화이팅 with your blog~!

  7. l love this blog its sooo wonderful
    love yaa guse

  8. Leah Werring said:

    i love taeyang he is so cute ❤

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